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2 Must Be Prepared Before Teaching Your Puppy!

There are many young people who teach puppies unconsciously. Some others just go through the internet to read briefly then apply it. Others have meticulously studied but not thoroughly applied. Because of these reasons, either you will give up before success, or the dog does not tame 100%, sometimes obey, sometimes argue. It is only… Read More »

Can you put a fish in a new tank right away?

You might have heard about the golden rule, which ensures that you should wait around 24 hours to put a fish in a tank. But from often others, you have listened to something different. Different experts have different opinions of their own, and it is best to assume a general rule. When you bring home… Read More »

How Often Should You Feed Hamsters?

The majority of food for a pet hamster is made up of high-quality as well as store-bought food. Pet owners prefer and buy the food specially designed for hamsters. This is because food packages for cats, mice and rats are not appropriate for hamsters.  You can visit the pet store and explore pet food choices… Read More »