2 Must Be Prepared Before Teaching Your Puppy!

There are many young people who teach puppies unconsciously. Some others just go through the internet to read briefly then apply it. Others have meticulously studied but not thoroughly applied. Because of these reasons, either you will give up before success, or the dog does not tame 100%, sometimes obey, sometimes argue. It is only because your preparation is not enough.

Mistakes Commonly Found in Teaching Puppies

There are two most important issues in this preparation. The first is to prepare yourself: knowledge and spirit. The second is objective preparation: support tools, supporters … Objective factors are less important, but they support and reduce the time to complete the training goal.

Dog Instructor

The first criterion is love and discipline in parallel. For the dog to cooperate and obediently obey, you need to establish a good relationship with them. Don’t treat dogs as friends to play with, it’s difficult to train a “greasy face” dog. But do not use excessive force in making dogs obey. Force is always a double-edged sword in every relationship.

 Establish a good relationship with your dog

Discipline is also very important. Discipline with puppies, with you and with the surroundings. You need to maintain a regular training routine, until the puppies abide strictly. For example, the rule is that dogs must sleep in a cage, so everyone must forbid dogs to sleep in their beds.

Dog Training Supplies

If you are not an expert in dog training, try using tools. Tools always have incredible effects. Even at professional dog training schools, people still have to use dog training.

Clicker is the most popular tool in the field of coaching. Not only dogs, clickers can be used to train many other pets such as cats, parrots … The main effect of it, is to provide a unified and repetitive mechanism. Thereby, the dog will understand and follow the signal, instead of doing it unconsciously. It is similar to a whistle or a cry from a person. But the sound from the clicker is more stable and effortless.

How To Teach Dogs To Pee On The Tray

The litter box can be considered a dog training tool. To let the dog go to the toilet in the correct tray, homogenize the environment of the tray like a dog’s toilet. Simply absorb some of the dog’s urine and place it in the tray, or the tray lining. It is best to place the tray in a suitable position, close to where you feed your dog. Because dogs often go to the toilet after eating. Note: To let the dog go to the toilet at the right time, at the right place, he must stabilize the dog’s eating, drinking, sleeping schedule.